Cloud-based Rich Text Editor

AtomWrite is a WYSIWYG rich text editor built with Adobe Flash technology. It comes with a very small footprint and loads instantaneously on client's browser, delivering exactly identical behavior and look-and-feel across all web browsers. It supports CSS and exports document into clean and concise XHTML. AtomWrite is an ideal content editor for Web 2.0 web sites, Enterprise Intranet, Web mail as well as online CMS solutions. AtomWrite is available both as a cloud-based service ("editor-as-a-service"), and as a component to your Flex application.

See the demo! A short tour highlighting main features.

Feature Highlights

Lightweight and fast With the binary swf file only 178KB in size, AtomWrite loads in under a second with broadband Internet connectivity. It behaves and appears exactly the same across all web browsers with Adobe Flash Player 10 (or higher) installed (99.5% browser availability).

Clean output AtomWrite produces XHTML 1.0 compliant markup with look-and-feel controlled by external CSS. HTML5 compliant markup such as <figcaption> is available upon request.

Custom styles AtomWrite supports custom-defined style sheets — CSS. It displays custom-defined classes applicable to image, paragraph and span in pop-up menu at right click, allowing user to style an image, a paragraph or a span with a custom-defined class.

Spell-check and image service (or client web server) offers spell-checking service and user-image hosting service. Backed by these services, AtomWrite editor features a check-as-you-type spell checker and instant insertion of local images into document, i.e. zero waiting time.

Image caption AtomWrite supports image caption — a valuable feature to document authors — which is not a naturally supported element until HTML5. It's a unique feature of AtomWrite, compared to other online rich text editors.

Local disk access Like a typical desktop word processor, AtomWrite allows document author to save a (temporary) copy of the document on her local hard disk and to load it back at a later time — a very handy feature in an online editor.