AtomWrite is a wysiwyg online rich text editor based on Adobe flash technology. Drastically different from most of today's online text editors that leverage web browser's document editing capability (designMode and contentEditable) , AtomWrite was built with pure actionscript for document rendering and editing. AtomWrite only relies on out-of-the-box functionatilies provided by Adobe Flash Player, therefore delivers identical look-and-feel and behaviors across all web browsers including mobile devices supporting Flash Player 10 or higher (99.5% browser availability) or Adobe AIR.

With access to all low-level APIs in Flash player, AtomWrite provides a smooth desktop-like experience to document authors while being a true cloud-based service("editor-as-a-service") — thanks to the small footprint of its binary (178KB in size).

Here we give a feature overview for AtomWrite version 1.0. The features are divided into two categories: basic and advanced. Some advanced features will only be available in future releases.

Basic Features

Font family, size, style, weight, color Included
Text background color Included
Text align Included
Heading Heading 1 - 6
Subscript/superscript Included
Text tecoration Nested underline and strikethrough
List Order and unordered, nested
Undo/redo All operations
Image Inline and float
Image resize Included
Web Link Included
External Text Copy/Paste Included
External HTML Copy/Paste Included
Liquid width Included
HTML Preview Included
Export to XHTML Included
Javascript API Included

Advanced Features

Spell-check as you type Included
CSS attributes border, padding, margin
background-color, background-image, background-position, background-attachment
color, font-family, font-weight, font-style
text-align, vertical-align, line-height
position (relative), z-index
Custom-defined stylesheet Included
Custom-defined classes For heading, paragraph, image and span
Relative font-size Included
Font zoom-in/zoom-out Included
Image caption Included
Inplace image upload Included
Local disk save/load Included
Multiple editors on same web page Included
Table support Release 1.5
Microsoft Word document Import/Export Release 2.0